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These Wild West memorabilia immediately take you back in time

Before the United States as it is now existed, there were centuries of wars in order to claim land. Especially the western part of the States has known a lot of wars. This geographical region and its culture and history are often referred to as the Old West or the Wild West. Even though nowadays the region is at peace, the Wild West lives on in pieces of media such as western movies and cowboy images. The history and culture of this region keeps on fascinating people to this very day. That’s why Wild West memorabilia are a popular collector’s item. People all around the world collect arms and other artifacts from this period. But where do you find such Wild West memorabilia? We know just the company for you.

This online store has everything you want

Wild West Treasures is a company based in Belgium that visits weapon fairs all around the world to find only the best Wild West memorabilia for their customers. On their website you can find a huge range of (disactivated) arms. These are examples of things you can find in their assortment:

–          French made swords

–          Rimfire revolvers

–          Pepperboxes

–          Percussion revolvers

–          Edged weapons

–          Powderflasks

–          Small pocket revolvers

–          Belgian rifles and pistols

–          Civil war artifacts

–          European miniatures

And much more! On top of that, they add items to their collection weekly. If you are looking for a specific item, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their website for a prolonged period of time, because chances are high it will appear after a while.

Pick your favourite items

Would you like to know more about a specific item from their Wild West memorabilia? Don’t hesitate to ask the owners of this store. They will gladly help you out. The price of the item depends on its condition and its uniqueness.