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New colours?

Are you ready for a new color for your interior? With the Wagner Wood & Metal Sprayer W 300 you can easily and quickly paint the walls, ceiling, furniture or other surfaces in any color you want. The high atomisation capacity of the fine spray system ensures a perfectly opaque paint, varnish, or stain layer. With the 2-step switch you always ensure the ideal setting for your job. The handy air spray head you use to clean or blow out the system after use, so that you can get started again right next time. The reviews are good. A user of the paint sprayer has some useful tips for anyone who wants to work with the paint sprayer. He says the following.

I used the paint sprayer for the first time to paint the walls in the nursery. After having carefully covered everything, I started with the paint sprayer. The manual is clear and in my opinion leaves little to be desired. Pay extra attention to the proper dilution of the paint. the first quarter of an hour I got a little laborious because I did not dilute the paint enough. The paint was quite uneven, but after diluting the paint it went really well. The wall also covered in one go. Make sure you are well covered. As the gentleman in this picture does, it does not work at all. The residue on the sides of the jet is too big for that, so you will also have to do something on the open side of the door. (Cover the floor or the opening of the door). The machine makes some noise, so in a small space, ear protection is not a luxury. All in all a great investment. It is just getting started, but once you’ve found the way, you get the wall really neatly in the paint.

The best paint sprayers are different for everyone, but Wagner is always a good choice.  Just choose the wagner paint sprayer.