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What is customer journey mapping?

What is customer journey mapping?

A customer journey model is the journey a customer takes when they are about to buy or have bought a product or service. A customer journey tells a customer’s story before and after the purchase. The customer journey mapping model is often divided into different phases. In each phase, there is a goal of the customer, and a step to the next phase. By responding to the customer’s goals in each phase, your business can better serve potential and existing customers.

What is a customer journey used for?

The customer journey mapping model is used to map the relationship between the customer and company and provide insight into the steps the customer takes. A customer who buys something takes a number of steps in his purchase process. It is important for a company to understand these steps and how they are completed. A positive customer experience can create repeat customers and even more customers.

By properly mapping out what potential customers focus on in a particular purchasing process, you as a company can respond accordingly. Thanks to information from website statistics, data sources and various tools, it is possible to place a potential customer in a journey. This allows a company to know what stage they are in and how to best provide them with their next need.

What does a good customer journey model consist of?

A good customer journey mapping model includes the different stages in which the customer has a different goal each time. The idea of this is that there needs of the customer are always different. Check out the customer journey mapping model example below:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Acquisition
  • Service
  • Loyalty


In this phase, the customer is orienting. Customers are not actively looking for information, so in this phase, as a company, you need to entice. Introduce them to your company and its services or products.


Now that potential customers know your company and service, it is important to let them make choices. Internet searches are underway. SEO and SEA are very important here because they will also look at competitors. So be highly findable.


The potential is now ready to become a customer. He has gathered enough information to make a choice. Important in this phase is that your website is clear, that it is easy to contact and that your differences with the competition are clear.


This is the first moment after the purchase. At first it was mainly about enticing the customer, but now it is important to help him well. How can you help a customer after the sale? How can a customer reach you if there are questions or problems, for example.


This phase is actually aftercare. What information can you give your customer so that he becomes a customer this time? Think for example of newsletters, extra discounts for existing customers or subscriptions to social media channels. If this phase is handled well, the customer can promote your company to his network.

What is voice of customer mean?

The term voice of customer summarizes systematic research and analysis procedures, the results of which give your company insight into your customers’ thoughts and behaviors. Ideally, these results summarize all of your customers’ needs, desires, expectations and demands. These then flow back into the development of your products, services and Customer Experience Management. The goal: a continuous improvement process. Read more about voice of customer!