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What Exhibition Stand Types Are Available?

Working with a range of different clients from all industries means as a business it’s important to offer a wide selection of products to suit all needs. Attending an event means selecting a stand for ease, for design or to represent your business. No matter the reason behind your specification, it’s important you have a choice.

With 4 main stand categories available, you’ll have options to talk through and big decisions to make.

Pop Up

The pop up exhibition stand is a popular solution and has been a go to display option for many years. Using a Pop up frame ensures your display stand can be assembled within 15 minutes and installed by one person, making the stand suitable for those exhibiting alone.

The mechanism has been designed to pop up and click into place with ease. Manufactured with a lightweight structure to ensure your exhibition stand can be transported in the supplied wheeled carry case.

Flexible Displays

Each exhibition or show will possess different stand sizes and stand shapes. If, as a business you attend numerous events throughout the year, it will benefit you to select a versatile display stand.

Choosing a flexible stand is ideal when it comes to creating new shapes and designs, all whilst using the same stand and supplied components. Create a stand that has been tailored to your needs and meets your stand requirements.

The flexible aspect allows you to make any stand shape, any style with our custom print.


More options are available now to support the planet, in and out of the exhibition hall. Going green with your display stands and accessories enables you to ditch the plastic, make an impact and create a whole new meaning to exhibition stands.

Using sustainable materials doesn’t take away from the imagination behind the stand as full bespoke services are available. Create a new look with an incredibly strong, eco display which can be recycled at the end of your event.

Modular Stands

Selecting a Modular stand ensures you can refigure your printed display stand. An advantage of being able to reconfigure your stand, are the endless possible designs you can create.

Add and remove panels, create unique shapes and replace the printed graphics for a new stand design. The Modular effect opens the door to bespoke stands and creative design to make you stand out from competitors.