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What are the best budget hotels

If you are considering booking a budget hotel for your next holiday, you will be surprised by the sheer amount of options Google will provide for you. The challenge is, to find one, that suits not just your budget but also provides the comfort you aspire!

Research has shown, that the Moxy Hotels from Marriott are by far the best budget hotels you can book throughout Europe. You will find them in London, Berlin, Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, Aberdeen.

Finding a budget hotel with is easy. You choose the continent, then the country and you are almost there. Each European country provides an extensive listing of Moxy Hotels. You just click on the one, which is next to your travel destination and you receive an overview of the respective Moxy hotel.

Just to mention one of the many: The Munich Airport Hotel. Located at the center of all the excitement, you enjoy different sized rooms, if you want even with on suite bath. Join Marriott, and free Wi-Fi in your room is a given. The friendly crew will help you find all the must-see spots in town as well as all the “open-secret watering holes”. Your stay in Munich is not just affordable; it is comfortable giving you the space and amenities you deserve for your recreation.

Even if you are not here holidaying but visit Munich for a business trip, the Moxy Munich Airport Hotel offers you a meeting room for up to 56 guests. The nightly rate (on weekends) starts at only 75 Euros. Instant coffee at a Moxy Hotel is a no-no. Nobody likes it, so it came off the table. Visit the lobby; there is freshly brewed coffee available as well as a bite to eat on the go!

On the website you can view the room you want to book, check all the details, if you are happy then you pay.

After a day in the city, sightseeing or whatever you came here to do; when you return to the Moxy Hotel, the day is long not over. Here can you play on and participate in table football, karaoke or whatever the evening’s program holds.

If you want to remember your trip, a Moxy hotel, no matter which country, has to be on your list. Moxy hotels understand, when you are new in town, you might not know anybody. Whether you stay for several nights or just one weekend, Moxy, with their fun-packed activities will help you to feel at home in no time.

To help its customers not to miss out on the fun which is home to every Moxy hotel, it has developed one of the world’s best loyalty program. Join now and start earning the rewards straight away! Needless mentioning, you can join Moxy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stay up to date and know what’s happening in the Moxy hotel next to you. Every night is another experience!