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Weed and its effect

Weed is something that a lot of people enjoy from time to time. Many people also enjoy hash which is similar to weed but works a little different. There are many debates on which one is better, weed or hash but not many people are able to agree with each other. It’s similar to the Apple vs Android debate. People who use Apple say Apple is better but Android users say the same about Android. It’s all about personal preference and in this blog we’re discussing the effects that both weed and hash can have on you. If you’re interested, then keep on reading! 

Feeling happy or anxious

Many people enjoy both weed and hash but most have a preference. Both hash and weed are made from the same plant but weed is the dried flower of the plant and hash is the compressed resin of the flower. The positive side effects of both weed and hash is that they can give you a pleasant and relaxed feeling. Weed especially makes you feel very relaxed and hash gives you more of a happy and giggly feeling. Many people enjoy themselves when they are under the influence and experience things like sudden laughing outbursts or feeling super relaxed. But there can also be negative side effects, especially when you already experience anxiety, panic attacks or other psychological complaints. Both weed and hash can worsen these complaints and if you’re sensitive to these, you have to pay attention to yourself if you do decide to use weed or hash. It’s especially important that you get your weed or hash from a trustworthy seller like Royal Queen Seeds

Why buying from trustworthy sellers is important

When it comes to buying weed or hash, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re buying. If you decide to buy from sketchy dealers or shops, chances are big that you’re either getting stuff that doesn’t really work or you’re getting stuff that’s way to strong. You can prevent this from happening when you buy from a trustworthy seller, but something that’s even better is growing your own plants. Seeds can easily be bought online at places like Royal Queen Seeds. They have over 25.000 positive reviews so you can be sure that they’re selling good seeds on their website. Make sure to check them out if you’re interested in growing your own plants!