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The astrological eras

Astrological eras

Astrologers, the ones who write your horoscope, agreed that the Earth has seen the six eras of human existence from the cave dwellers to the present. We currently exist in the transition between the Pisces and the Aquarius eras. The calculations that define the end of one era and the beginning of another era can differ. According to some, the Pisces era ended long ago, while others claim we are still living in it.

In astrological mythology, astrological time is a period of approximately 2160 years, comparable to the development of the inhabitants of the planet Earth, in relation to their culture, civilization and governments. Each era is associated with one of the 12 constellations. So each age is repeated after the completion of the entire cycle, or in 25,920 years. The astrological age cycle went in a retrograde direction. If there is a movement from Aries -> Taurus -> Gemini -> Krebs -> Leo, etc. then retrograde is reversed Leo -> Cancer -> Gemini -> Taurus -> Aries, etc.

From today we are at the end of the sixth movement of all times and are approaching (or are at the beginning of) the New Age. The previous 6 movements of astrological ages are the following:

Age Leo (start around 10,800 BC to 8640 BC)

This age was the age of the Lion and the age of the sun since the sun is the ruler of Löwe. It is known as “The Golden Age” from the human ages. It is the period of peace, harmony, stability on the planet. The size of the population was small and everything on earth was in abundance and there was no hunger or crime in this age. People obtained food by hunting, collecting and growing. During this era people developed primitive tools such as stone knives, hammers and spears. Although the technology was rudimentary, it is amazing what people can achieve with it. Their works are now being discovered and shown to the world, such as wall paintings in caves. The earth was young and no development of pollution was the product of our time.

Era Cancer (beginning around 8,640 BC to 6,480 BC)

This is known as “The Age of the Great Mother.” Moon-ruled Cancer. It is the sign of motherhood, which is often associated with carrying, giving birth, caring and protecting. During this period people learned how to cultivate land and pets. They started creating a permanent home and breeding animals, in addition to growing land for their lives.

Age of Gemini (beginning around 6,480 BC. To 4,320 BC)

This is under ‘The age of communication, trade and the Gemini’, where the development of writing, counting and acting takes place. As people increased knowledge gains in this age, writing began to be used as a method to record their activities. Trade and travel also belong to this sign.

Era Taurus (beginning around 4,320 BC to 2,160 BC)

The symbol of “Taurus” and known as “the age of the earth, agriculture and the bull”. The beginning of the creation of pyramids in Egypt and the era of Bull worship in Assyria, Egypt and Crete. Egypt is known for their amazing architectural ability to create beautiful pyramids in completely natural materials without the advanced technology of construction that is known today.

Era Aries (starts around 2160 BC to 0 AD)

Aries, the sign of fire and the symbol of Aries give this era as “The era of war, fire and the Aries”, which is ruled by Mars. Iron Age was born in Aries, where wars and colonialism increased, such as an expansion of empires in China, Persia, Greece and Rome. The advanced arsenals are also specific to this era. During this time when Moses saved the Israelites from the Egyptians, the writing of the Old Testament and the journey to the promised land.

Age of Pisces (beginning around 0 BC to 2160)

This time is known as the Jewish-Christian era. The existence of Christ. This period is expiring. Today we are moving into a new era, so our soul needs guidance because of war trauma, pain and hatred of the last 2 centuries.

Upon reaching the end of this era; we must be prepared for the next journey and the new movement in the history of humanity, the Aquarius era. Era of the element air, which means that the mind will bring more technological progress of self-healing, compassion, intuition and spiritual cleansing.