Provigil information

Provigil can do wonders for an individual suffering from narcolepsy by helping him or her stay awake and alert during the day and during narcoleptic episodes but Provigil’s benefits do not stop at narcolepsy alone.

There are many medical conditions today that include fatigue and loss of motivation or energy as symptoms and Provigil has been proven an effective treatment for many of these conditions which include excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and fatigue from Multiple Sclerosis, to name a few.

Provigil is a medication designed to help the patient stay awake during the working hours of the day and because of it’s effectiveness, many doctors have begun prescribing it for off label uses like, jet lag, shift work sleep disorder and general malaise.

It is unknown exactly how thismedication increases one’s wakefulness, however, it’s thought that it works by affecting the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that control the sleep and wake senses.

Modafinil increases wakefulness for about 15 hours.

This medication should not be used to compensate for a lack of sleep nor should it be used to postpone getting a good night’s sleep.

While the benefits of Provigil are obvious, it is a medication that can be abused but studies show that there is a very low incident of dependence.

Studies have proven that people with narcolepsy (narcoleptics) benefit greatly from the effects of Provigil but sales reports are showing that Provigil is fast becoming a substitute for excessive amounts of coffee and energy drinks.

Provigil is composed primarily of a medication known as Modafinil and Modafinil is readily available in it’s generic form at many pharmacies online.

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If you are interested in Adrafinil, which is the precursor to Modafinil, it is available as Adra-Pro from IAS.

Adra-Pro is much cheaper than Modafinil but it takes a little longer to work as it has to be metabolized into Modafinil by your body.