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Pass the Christmas spirit to your customers with these wholesale decorations

Timstor in Arendonk, Belgium, has been a specialist in Christmas wholesale products for many years. Although this store started out with a main focus on Christmas villages and houses, they have expanded their range to many other trinkets and figurines. That way you will find even more fun and magical products to decorate your store with. This will make sure both you and your customers get into the Christmas spirit.

Affordable trinkets in your aesthetic

With over 2.000 items in both their online store and physical shop you are sure to find the perfect decorations that fit your aesthetic. Do you have a preference for the typical Christmas colours? Or do you like more contemporary decorations in pastel colours? You will find it all in their wide range of options. Every year their products change following the current trends. However, they still try to find the perfect balance between the best quality and a low price. That is why you can always trust them to sell the most magical Christmas decorations in Belgium for an affordable price. You can wrap your store in the Christmas spirit, without having to spend too much money on it.

Glittery lights

One of the many products that you will find in both the online store of this wholesale as their physical store, are their glittery lights. To make an aesthetic shop window you might want to check out the silver glitter giftboxes with led lights. These come in three different sizes and can easily be bought together. They add both some holiday magic and light to your store.

Order all your favourite products today

Do you need some lights to prepare yourself for the upcoming holiday season? Or do you want to look around all the other little trinkets that this Christmas wholesale store has to offer? Go to their store in Arendonk today or take a look at the online assortment of products of this Christmas wholesale specialist. The experienced employees will gladly guide you through the different products that they sell.