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How did the pizza become world famous?

Pizza: Everyone has eaten and most people enjoy it. Whether it’s traditional Margherita pizza, Quattro Stagioni, mini pizza or Frutti di Mare. For every lover there is a pizza, no matter what your food preferences are. How can it be that pizza has spread all over the world?

The beginning

It will not surprise you that the first pizzas come from Italy. Research and excavations around Naples show that the first pizzas were eaten before our year count. These are baked flat breads that are topped with different ingredients. These breads are mainly eaten by poor people and workers who need to eat quickly. The name pizza comes from the Latin word ‘pinsa’ that means ‘flat bread’.

Pizza Margherita

In 1890, a famous Italian pizza baker was asked if he wanted to bake a pizza for King Umberto I and his wife Marghareta. The pizza he serves consists of tomato sauce (red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green): The colors of the Italian flag. This pizza is particularly appreciated by the queen and the pizza Margherita was born. Until today, this pizza is the basis of all the other varieties.

Traveling to America and back

Around 1900, many Italians emigrated to America in the hope of building a better life there. Many immigrants come up to the idea of selling pizzas and these fall in the taste of the people of the United States. The pizza restaurants are a great success here. However, the American population preferred larger-bottomed pizza, which is now known as an American style pizza. American soldiers fighting in Europe in the Second World War take the pizza back.

The rest of the world

In the 1960s, there was a great need for labor in Western Europe and many people from countries around the Mediterranean were used for this labor. This way, the Italians also introduced pizza to the rest of Europe. In 1969 the first pizza restaurant in the Netherlands was opened in Rotterdam. Pizzas traveled from America and Europe around the world and you can buy it from virtually any street corner today.