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Embrace the Winter Chill with Heated Socks

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, many individuals grapple with the discomfort of cold feet, particularly icy toes. Initially, one might resort to warm slippers or thicker socks, but for those who are particularly sensitive to the cold, these measures often fall short. Fortunately, the ultimate solution comes in the form of BERTSCHAT® heated socks, offering a toasty reprieve. These cutting-edge heated socks are powered by external rechargeable batteries, providing warmth and comfort that can’t be beaten. Let’s delve into the world of heated socks and discover how they can keep your feet warm all winter long.

A Range of Battery Options

When you purchase a pair of BERTSCHAT® heated socks, they come equipped with a 2,600 mAh battery as standard. With this battery, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous warmth on the lowest setting. For those who desire even more extended heating periods, there are two additional battery options: a 3,000 mAh battery pack or a robust 3,800 mAh battery pack. With these choices, you can ensure hours of cozy warmth tailored to your needs.

From Basic to Elite

BERTSCHAT® offers various versions of heated socks to cater to different preferences. The basic heated sock serves as the entry-level model and provides a substantial boost in foot warmth on cold days. Responding to market demand, the brand has developed enhanced versions to suit various purposes. The pro version of the socks incorporates improved heating elements for superior heat distribution. The elite version takes it a step further, positioning the heating elements on the exterior of the socks, ensuring an even more comfortable experience, especially during activities like walking.

Different Models for Different Needs

Both the pro and elite versions of heated socks are available in two distinct models. The long edition, akin to the basic heated sock, is designed for those who engage in winter sports. These long socks effortlessly fit into ski boots, and the battery is strategically positioned at the top of the sock, extending above the ski boot for maximum comfort.

For those who prefer shorter socks for activities like hiking, the hiking edition offers a perfect solution. These socks are shorter, extending just above the ankle, and the battery placement is also designed to stay out of the way when wearing hiking boots.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

Heated socks aren’t limited to outdoor use; they can also be worn indoors or on the job. Whether you’re working in a cold storage room, at a market stand, or engaged in outdoor construction, these socks can keep your feet warm throughout the day. The heat generated in your feet radiates to the rest of your body, ensuring all-day comfort.

Discover BERTSCHAT® Heated Socks

BERTSCHAT® offers a wide range of heated socks, ensuring there’s a perfect option for every need. In addition to heated socks, their online shop features an array of other products designed to keep you warm. If you prefer an alternative to heated socks for your feet, heated insoles are available. For your hands, a selection of heated gloves will keep you cozy no matter the weather. Say goodbye to cold feet and welcome warmth and comfort with heated socks from BERTSCHAT®.