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Creative with oilcloth

You will never imagine. But do you know that people use simple oilcloth to create art? Usually we buy oilcloth as a decoration for your kitchen table. It is not only for decoration, it also protect your table! Imagine yourself a glass wine that falls on your expensive wooden table? With a plastic table cloth you can clean it easily and your table will not be damaged. But, to come back to what I wrote first, there are people who create nice things from tablecloths. And in this news blog I would like to show you some suggestions and ideas. Maybe it might be interesting for you. At least it gives some inspiration!

Decorative animals

On we found besides many different styles and prints of table ware amazing ideas. The first idea is a creation of a very old lady from 98 that still enjoy her live. With little parts printed oilcloth she makes animals. Not normal animals, but 3d animals. She usually takes a week for one creation. Before I tell you step by step how to create a 3D animal I will show you a picture of what she made…

As you can see, she made an 3d fish, an 2 elephants. The fish and the black elephant are pretty easy to make. You need to cut the figure twice. Then you sew it with a nice color. But you don’t need to sew the full animal cause you need to fill his stomach with cottonwool. When you think he is thick enough, you can close his full body and voila, he’s ready! The colored elephant is less easy as this one has 4 legs and is able to stand on a table or nice decorative on a shelf. This is not the only thing you can make for oilcloths, let me tell you more ideas…

On the same website in the blog categorie I found an idea to make aprons from tablecloths. Very nice and fancy. This might also be nice if you have a doughter who likes to help you cooking in the kitchen. The last idea I would like to mention is to restyle your old chairs with a piece of oilcloth. You can’t imagine how easy you can turn an old chair in an arty design chair. And realy it doesn’t costs you a lot, only your time and your creativity. People paint the wood in a fancy color and change the old seat of the chair. All these ideas you can find on the website I mentioned. Of course there are many more websites where you can find creative hand made craft work. There are so many opportunities. But sometimes you want to do something creative and then you feel your mind is empty and your energy is low. You don’t feel the spirit to put to much energy in searching but you just want some good ideas. Well it is for those people that I wrote this blog. You can find all the ideas here