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Comparison of different types of water pumps

How to drain water? Well, usually water pumps are used to continuously move water from one point to another point. For example, water pumps are used to drain a lot of water, when it has been raining a lot. Otherwise, the rivers would overflow and streets would be under water.

When choosing which water pump to use for a project, you should take these important things into consideration: the power of the pump, the material of the pump, the motor type of the pump and the total head discharge.

Generally, there are two types of water pumps: the centrifugal pump and the positive displacement type. Both pumps are used to transport water.

The centrifugal pump
A centrifugal water pump is driven by a rotating impeller. This impeller moves the water into the pump and puts pressure on it, so it will flow. Various sorts of liquid can be pumped with this type of pump. There are many advantages of using the centrifugal water pump. These pumps can be used in many occasions. They can be used in buildings, in wells, as a fire protection system (to provide water) and many more.

The positive displacement pump
A positive displacement water pump differs from the centrifugal pump because it can only provide a fixed amount of flow. This might sound like a disadvantage, but it is very useful in many industries that are dealing with high viscosity liquids or sensitive solids. An advantage of this type of pumps is that it is very efficient.

When you are going to buy a water pump, you can also buy some accessories for it. Some water pump accessories that might be useful to buy are: a hose, appendages, sprayers, a pump control, a filter and an expansion vessel. Depending on the project, you could choose which accessories are useful to you.