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A successful guided tour through your business

A lot of businesses these day ofter tours through the building. Wether it is an office building, a plant or another huge facility, you want to make the best impression on your guests and tell them everything about your company to make them at least love it a bit as much as you do.

AXIWI has developed special plant tour headsets for this purpose, so you can clearly communicate and tell your guests what you are all about, even in the middle of a working factory where a lot of noise may come in.

Of course this is not only very handy for touring around guests, but also for the employees that work in your factory to succesfully communicate with each other to create a product that is the best it can be.

Or what about trainers and trainees? It is easier for the trainer to clearly instruct them through the headset, as it may be noisy and it is not very comfortable for the trainee to have the trainer breathing down their neck constantly.

For the current Corona issues this is also a perfect solution, as the trainer can remain at a distance while still giving clear and understandable instructions.

Teams will be able to cooperate better, see what is currently needed in the production process and help out colleagues right away when they need it.

There are only advantages to better communication within your company, so why not give it a try and see what a wireless communication system can do for you?